Good & Effective Assessment

How do I make sure the assessment (exercise) I'm going to use in my class is the best one?📝:
1. *Ponder & Wonder* Ask questions: are they relevant to the objective (s)?
What would be the words the pupils might not be able to understand?
Will my students have enough time to complete this exercise?

2. 💼*Show* Demonstrate / explain how the exercise should be done.

3. 🙇*Feedback of T&L* The exercise can give you feedback on their level of understanding, at the end, the assessmemt will tell you the words/concept the students do not understand-figures and about what needs to be done to further enhance their understanding. 

4. 🐹*Pilot Test* Do a pilot test so you would know the how valid/reliable the test is.

5. 👁‍🗨*Reflection* It helps your students reflect on their learning. Instead of saying 'I want you to do this because you need to', you may say 'here's a question set for you to find out how much you have understood what you have learned'.
By Herry
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