Here's something fun to play in class.

Snatch It!

For primary class, you might want to try this. Pupils in their groups are given the cards. They are given time to understand or discuss the pictures they have. Then, the teacher shouts a word and each group will have to grab the card real fast. The fastest wins it. 

1. Pupils know the words (production).
2. For low proficiency class, words that come  with pictures are very helpful to help them construct meaning.
3. Each group needs one set. So if you have 6 groups, that means you need 6 sets. Each set can have up to 10 cards.

1. Set induction: pupils construct meaning on their own based on the pictures in the cards (if any)
2. This can be played as grab and spell, riddles and etc.
3. You may use flashcards as the cards for this game, they can be exactly the same as what you put in your power point slides during the pre / introduction.

đź’¬Language Skills: đź‘‚Listening, đź‘€Reading

👱Language Levels: Low, Intermediate

đź“ŚCategory: Word Level (Vocabulary)

🔍21st Century Learning Skills: Collaboration, Communication


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