Preparing Tarsia

What is Tarsia?
Tarsia is a jigsaw puzzle game that comes with a software to prepare for the cut outs. it is very simple to setup. Once prepared, pupils play in groups to solve the puzzle. Among the skills incorporated in this activity are collaboration and communication. They must somehow have the vocabulary. It is good for drilling and also as an assessment for learning. Teachers may choose the different types of puzzle from easy to complex, from simple triangle to snake like format. I personally recommend this activity to be done like a treasure hunt' or stations as the pupils usually spend not much time to complete each puzzle so teachers might need to prepare a few types to get them occupied. Consider the size as well, if they are too small, pupils will not be able to see them properly, so set the expression scale right.

Create Tarsia in 4 easy steps:

*There are 3 tabs; above, right and below. Above is for mode, Right is for question no and Below is for the view. Always set in Standard mode.

1. In Right Tab 1, Input view, there are two rows. Above is for the question and Below is for the answer. Complete this until Right Tab 18.

2. Go to 'Table View' to 🖨 print out the list of questions and answers.

3. Go to 'Output View' to 🖨 print out the cut out the jigsaw. 

4. Go to 'Solution View' to 🖨 print out how the jigsaw should look like.

Ta da...!That's it and have fun 🎉🎉🎊

👉Download here: DOWNLOAD TARSIA

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  1. terima kasih untuk semua perkongsian hebat ini

  2. salam kak sdh try downld trasia tpi x dapat

  3. assalam
    ustazah sy nak tnya macammana nak save kalau sy guna font jawi atau arab.da try buat and sy save..bila open semula tulisan semua jd simbol question mark